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Skunk magazine did an indept review of the Gravity VORTEX and Air Gravitron. A head to head comparison resulted in the article,
"The Gravity Challenge." Both products were given very good reviews, but the Gravity VORTEX was hailed for its durable construction and easy portability.

Here is a Gravity Vortex product review from inside the article.


Often referred to as simply the Vortex, the Gravity Vortex is about the best thing to happen to the frat party since the invention of the hairy buffalo. What it lacks in refinement, because it's not made of glass, it makes up for in spades in durability and portability. Made of super-strong poly carbonate (no mere plastic - this is the stuff from which Nalgene water bottle are made), the Vortex can withstand tremendous pressure without breaking. Although not recommended, you could throw it across a concrete parking lot or drop it from a window without doing much damage.

Like the Gravitron, the Vortex is available in two different sizes and a variety of colors. The large unit is available in blue and green, the small in pink Buy Cialis 20 mg. At about $90, the California-made Vortex is a value based on simply its durability and longevity.

One of the most common questions asked of Davyd Field, inventor of Gravity Vortex and owner of the company is, 'Can you make these out of glass?'

"Of course I could. But if I made it out of glass, it would sell for $500," said Field. "I view this as the ultimate dorm room piece," he said.

VGravity Vortex herbal smoking productORTEX IN THE NEWS!
The clouds outside the Los Angeles Convention Hall my have looked like rain clouds, but most of it was puffing out of the HempCon Medical Marijuana Show. Including everything from smoking products, dispensaries, delivery services and apparal, there was something for everyone.

Sponsored by KUSH Magazine and, there was constant entertainment on stage including guest speakers, industry heavyweights as well as legal and medical talks. This was a chance for LA Medical Marijuana patients to gather and learn from each other, help build the movement toward legalization and build good in the community by showing that legalizing cannabis is positive step for our country. The event was hailed a sucess as companies quickly sold out of products, including Vortex Pipes and Zephyr Vaporizers. More than 50,000 people attended the event, which will happen in San Francisco in August. Go to for more information.

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VORTEX Pipes on CelebStoner.comGravity Vortex Model posing with Gravity Vortex at HempCon 2010 in Los Angeles
Vortex Water Pipes was one of the main attractions at HempCon 2010, and the team at CelebStoner stopped in to take a photo with one of our girls. Check out the story and much more celebrity 420 news at

Hey- Matt here from boston. I just want to tell your product has completely altered my smoking experience (for the better). I attend Boston University and ordered my 14" vortex about 2 months ago. after countless times using it since then, i felt compelled to write you and say that whether i am with my room mate in our dorm, or around on campus at a party, the gravity vortex delivers a truly awesome hit, each and every time. there is always a cheer from around the room when that shit starts to whistle. now when i get back from a night out, and am way too tired (or "impaired") to roll my product and smoke, all i need to do is reach over onto my desk and grab my vortex bong, light that bitch up, kick back and enjoy. Some of the best money i ever spent. thanks a lot.

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The Gravity Vortex does not require power like a vaporizer does. It is portable and made from strong and sturdy materials. It is available in different colors and sizes. It is quiet. It can hold more smoke in the chamber for a longer amount of time than a standard bong. It fits better with its cylindrical form factor and the 3.5+ inch (8.89 cm) diameter bottom will fit anywhere on the desk or table.

The Gravity Vortex could possibly greater impair abilities that other paraphernalia donít. Determine your dosage.

The positive characteristics of a pipe, bong, vaporizer, joint and maybe other methods all are present using the Gravity Vortex.

The Gravity Vortex is a highly recommended tool by the Magic Dragon from light to heavy smokers, if the price at $90 (US) is okay for you. Your can order the Gravity Vortex and the sliders online or check your local area smoke shop.

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