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In total there are several types of baldness and each species its causes and development. But the most common type - is androgenetic alopecia ( male pattern ) , which affects approximately 90-95 % of the total balding men . Therefore, to combat this type of baldness and based all the attention and efforts of doctors. Because of the long research and testing was developed highly effective drug - Propecia .


Propecia (Propecia) - a drug for the treatment of baldness Viagra. Propecia Finasteride prevents hair loss and restores their growth already at freshman admission. However, Propecia is intended only for the treatment of androgenic alopecia type , because it was created specifically for this type , as in other types of baldness is another nature of the disease and Propecia simply will not work Buy Levitra Online . But in dealing with androgenic alopecia , generic Propecia shows amazing results and high efficiency in action.


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